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managing director instant search limited
How to Change Your Life with Technology

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Anthony Capstick gained a science degree at Manchester Metropolitan. His first experience of self employment was a window cleaning round he bought after graduating - the proceeds of which funded a round the world trip.

Traveling extensively, he worked for International Rescue Committee in Indo-China and East Africa. Returning to the UK, he taught in several inner city schools in Manchester, Sheffield and London's East End. He joined the Financial Times as a journalist in 1985 working as a books editor, progressing to writing on The International, a magazine for UK expatriates. Later he worked in the newsroom of the daily paper as a computer systems analyst.

In 1991 he left the FT to set up his own business, Instant Search, and to move back to his native Lancashire. The business is a company research and analysis service - clients call and email from all parts of the UK and overseas to request information which is faxed or emailed back to them. Payment is by credit card and the customer receives the report in 10 or 15 minutes - hence the company name.

Articles about him and his wife Katie, who is a director of the company, have appeared in various national publications including The Times, Daily Mail, Financial Times, Express, Options & Computer Weekly. He contributes regularly to BBC national radio and the World Service, from an ISDN radio studio at the company, and lectures on running a high-tech business from the countryside.

His book, How to Change Your Life with Technology, was first published in 1998 - the second edition was published in 2001.

In 2002 he was appointed to the editorial board of the quarterly publication, Business Information Review. He is an Ambassador for the East Lancashire Partnership, and has sat as a Non Exec on the board of directors of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce & Industry. 2003 appointed judge for Broadband Britain Challenge, short-listed for eCommerce Awards.

In recent years Anthony has been engaged by various multinationals with a focus on Programme and Project start-ups and turnarounds. Organisations like Unilever, GE, BT, Microsoft and Fujitsu (at the DVLA). He is Prince 2 and MSP qualified.

Katie & Anthony have three sons and a daughter.

Description: View Anthony Capstick's profile on LinkedIn


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