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M2 PRESSWIRE October 31, 1996 - Instant Search Telecoms


Copyright 1996 M2 Communications Ltd. October 31, 1996 LENGTH: 571 words 



An Internet first from Instant Search Telecoms


Instant Search is introducing the first service dedicated to continuously searching the Internet for telecoms information, Instant Search Telecoms. 

The concept for Instant Search Telecoms was created when Robert Craig, whileworking for the UK's largest telecoms equipment supplier, GPT, recognised the amount of quality telecoms information available on the Internet and the high cost to companies of wasted hours searching for it. 

Now, as Instant Search Telecoms editor, Craig uses his telecoms experience to cut through the Internet jungle and provide quick access to the best information. 

Offering industry wide coverage, continuous updates, and an easy to useinterface Instant Search Telecoms provides information in the following areas: 

- Companies & Organisations - The most extensive list available on theInternet. 

- Countries - Information for country profiling and market plans. 

- Events - Conferences, Exhibitions, Meetings and Seminars world-wide. 

- Industry Data - Information for business cases, marketing plans andcompetitor analyses. 

- New & News - The latest Instant Search Telecoms links and every telecomsnews feed available on the Internet. 

- Technologies & Applications - Marketing and technical information for over 50 technologies and applications. Customers are able to specify any areas where they require further detail or analysis, making Instant Search Telecoms a constantly changing and improving service.

Instant Search believe that the combination of telecoms expertise and responsiveness to customers makes Instant Search Telecoms the best source ofte telecoms information on the Internet. 


Instant Search was started in 1991 by Anthony Capstick who worked for 6 years in the City where he had the idea for an on-line service operated by human beings rather than computers and Internet robots. Quitting his job at the FT he returned to his native Lancashire to design and program the Instant Search system.

Working on a single PC in his bedroom he marketed the service usinglineage advertising in national papers and an agreement with the local Chamberof Commerce. 

When the business was six months old Capstick raised funds from Europe to finance a telecottage which he has since incorporated into the Instant Search business.

Now the company turns over GBP 200,000 per year and involves eight people - living in Lancashire, Chester, Auckland, New Zealand and Winnipeg,Canada. 

The company has always targeted the small and medium sized business (SMEs) -a sector of business so often ignored by larger companies and credit reference agencies and Instant Search is regularly quoted by the Forum of Private Business. 

The company now has many customers outside the UK who communicate by email and fax. The company has a special exemption from VAT by the Customs and Excise, provided that the fax machine is outside Europe.

This ruling may have considerable implications if international Internet business increases as many observers are predicting. 

The company has a web site at: and http://www.instant-

Any journalist wishing to preview the subscription site should email Robert Craig, the editor at: 

CONTACT: Rob Craig/Anthony CapstickTel: +44 (0)1200 443935Fax: +44 (0)1200 443936e-mail:



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