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Investors Chronicle June 6, 1997 - Credit Rating Helpline

Copyright 1997 Financial Times Business Limited June 6, 1997 

SECTION: Pg. 43 

LENGTH: 143 words 

HEADLINE: Absolute Beginners: Big brother's watching


Credit reference agencies store data on your financial position -particularly data that shows you may be a poor credit risk.

The agenciesthemselves don't give you a credit score - but they provide information tolenders who may award you a rating. 

The agencies are adamant that no credit blacklist exists. Different lendersuse different criteria to decide to whom they want to give credit. Just becauseone lender turns your application down does not mean that you will be deniedcredit everywhere else. 

You have a number of rights concerning the type of data held about you andaccess to your file. If you are denied credit, check whether a credit referenceagency's file on you may have influenced the lender's decision. 

Data provider Instant Search runs a ratings agency helpline on 0991 190020.Calls cost £1 per minute.



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